Episode 12 – Lupin’s Fiftieth Anniversary

-Lupin’s Fiftieth Anniversary-

The WMC Gang celebrate Lupin The Third’s fiftieth anniversary by talking about all things Lupin. CJ, Jimmy, Josh and IBCF talk about what they personally love about the iconic series and why it has been able to stand the test of time. Towards the end, a Patreon Question forces the Gang to choose which Lupin episode is their favorite.

Opening Theme: First Light by Makotot Matushita

Ending Theme: Lupin The Third’s 80’s Theme by Yuji Ohno


Jimmy – I wanna talk about Blue Jacket.

CJ – Hmmhm…

Jimmy – So basically, it is very consistent. It is a very solid, enjoyable show and it is probably very easy to get into for people who aren’t keen on the visual style of the other series in general.

IBCF – Oh? You mean lame people?

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